Remembering Why we Thought Cohousing Was a Good Idea Redux
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:32:01 -0700 (MST)
Friends in cohousing land,

One of the slogans proposed for the 2001 Cohousing conference t-shirts was COHOUSING: The Quintessential Experience of Delayed Gratification. In cohousing development there are is a lot of work work and some meager rewards during the group building and building building process, but frankly, even when working with the streamlined model of development, the system is front-loaded with work and most of the rewards come to you when you finally live in the community you've worked so hard to build.

Rewards (and they are substantial) notwithstanding, those of us privileged to live in cohousing, are faced with new challenges on a daily basis. So even though "little--and some very big--acts of community" are happening all around us, from time to time each of us needs to be reminded of why we thought cohousing was a good idea.

Since not everyone interested in or involved in cohousing reads this listserve, I'm preparing an article on this subject derived from your postings on cohousing-l for the Spring issue of the Cohousing Journal (a benefit of membership in The Cohousing Network, hint, hint). It will not surprise those of you who read this listerve regularly to know that I already have some great contributions for my article from Liz Stevenson, Marty Roberts, Patty Mara Gourley, Kay Argyle, Robyn Williams and the inimitable Rob Sandelin (in the company here of five fine women, and BTW, we won't put your words in print without explicit written permission), and some other folks newer as contributors to the listserve.

In fact, the recent thread on this subject is what led me to propose this article to Journal Editor Stella Tarnay. Although I have plenty of material for an article already, I'm feeling greedy, and am asking for more. Perhaps in a year or so we'll have enough for a small book that you can buy multiple copies of for holiday gifts for all your friends.--we'll probably call it Life in Cohousing.

As the current batch of postings is heavily weighted to the left coast, I'd particularly like to see/read and consider for inclusion some stories from our mid-continent and East coast communities, but more West coast anecdotes are welcome as well. So what have you observed in your community or been a part of recently that reminds you "why you thought cohousing was [such] a good idea?"

By all means, post your stories here, but to help me compile the material, if you would be so kind as to send a copy to joani [at] I would appreciate it. (Don't worry about writing it perfectly. Whatever pieces we decide to use will be graced by the gentle but effective touch of at least two editors and a couple of proofreaders.)

It would be lovely if you would jot these thoughts down within the next week. Deadines are looming, as they have a habit of doing.

Joani Blank
Resident: Swan's Market Cohousing (formerly Old Oakland Cohousing) ,Oakland, CA
Former Resident : Doyle Street Cohousing (the first 8 years)
Member, Board of Trustees, The Cohousing Network

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