RE: George Krasle and handling disputes in cohousing
From: Ruddick, T.R. (
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 11:38:02 -0700 (MST)
Shiela's correct here, I was responding on list (as requested) to the truth
as George offered it.  I am aware that there could be different

On the other hand, I am trying hard to find a way to imagine why a
reasonable group would deny a  member the privilege of at least installing
plant lights in a private basement.  Drug paranoia, perhaps?  Which itself
is not entirely reasonable.

To me, it seems like a poisonous situation, probably with unfriendly
behavior all around.  The only fair thing I can invent is for the cohousing
group to buy George out and let the separation happen.  While I dislike
legalisms, sometimes a lawsuit is the only recourse.

If you can take George's case at face value and offer a different, yet
promising, course of action, let me know.  I'd consider it a learning and
growing opportunity.

So I'm advising George, at his request and based on what he told me, to
"file for divorce" from this cohousing group.  I do so remorsefully, and
conditioned on my current understanding of the situation.  Any flaws in my
conclusions should be accepted as part of the process of weaving natural
thoughts out of organically imperfect perceptions--I do it all the time.

Yes, I think we should pass judgment on this forum.  Not on individuals, but
on processes and actions.  And we are limited in our capacities by whatever
we currently understand about situations and processes and interpersonal
relations.  If we don't share opinions, we're left with--what?  Lots of good
technical questions and a few celebratory notes, but no ideas about how to
deal with the BIG tragedies and pitfalls in the process of creating

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Subject: Re: [C-L]_RE: George Krasle and handling disputes in cohousing
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This strikes me as a thread that could do damage to various people. I'm
concerned that nobody else from the cohousing community in question has said
anything, but then again, were I in their position and were the story to be
ever so much more complicated than it appears, perhaps I wouldn't say
anything, either, and hope people would be fair enough to realize they're
getting only one side. It can't possibly be so simple. Do we want to pass
judgement in this forum?


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