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My heart goes out to George and his family for the pain that this
experience has raised for them.  By frankly and openly presenting what he
sees as the situation...what I hear is a cry for peer support and
understanding.  When you are in the emotional "heat" of the moment, I
think this list is a most helpful to look for the "outside" insights from
the many very wise contributors.  Issues around our housing and home life
are so emotional for most of us and we have received so little training in
being supportive of others.  Shared housing always brings plenty of
opportunities for personal growth and healing.  In this forum some mindful
insights from others in this group would be so helpful to the rest of
us....who are hanging on every word here...

It would be too bad if we don't hear fully from others in that cohousing
group because of a fear of being sued and being advised by legal counsel
not to comment further.  George's concerns and needs are of utmost
importance to those of us considering cohousing as a personal choice.  
Knowing how this situation resolves itself will be instructive.

Finally....a word of thanks to all of you for being "in community" here
via the net.  Reading all of your posts over the last few months has kept
me going....just knowing that there are others out there who have
accomplished what we have our hearts set on is a blessing.

Love and light,
Maggie Dutton,
"acting", volunteer, executive director,
H.O.M.E.S. (Housing Ourselves Made Easy Society)
Calgary, Canada. <> 
where the building we thought we had lost in the fall....will be back on the
market tomorrow:-)

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