Re: cars: convenience vs necessity
From: Maggi Rohde (
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 07:23:20 -0600 (MDT)
Thanks for mentioning this issue, Eugenie.  I would be very interested to
hear others in cohousing speak about the importance of accommodations to
those with limited mobility. I know, for example, at Sunward in Ann Arbor,
MI, they provide a bunch of large carts for people to use to schlep their
stuff from their car to their unit.  This would probably work for people
who can lift, walk distances and navigate bumpy terrain.  Do you have some
handicap-accessible units around the fringe with attached garages?  what
other solutions have you invented for your community?

-Maggi Rohde
 Honey Creek Cohousing, Ann Arbor, MI
 (wannabe-no-longer after four years on the list!)

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 eugeniep [at] wrote:
> Although there is great appeal to leaving vehicles on the perimeter, it
> seems to me that these plans presume "ableness." My husband and I are
> both interested in cohousing, but are getting on in years. One of the
> aspects that we particularly like about our current condo is the
> attached garage that permits us to get into our house safely regardless
> of weather, especially ice. So I would caution against being too
> militant about requiring cars to be relegated to the outside, unless
> what you are looking for is a population that has no difficulties with
> mobility.

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