Tour of Cohousing Communities in the S.F. Bay Area
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If you live in the SF Bay Area, know someone who does or will be visiting
California at the beginning of May, you may be interested in the following

Bus Tour of  S.F. Bay Area Cohousing Communities
Saturday, May 11th, 9:30-4:30
$65 includes lunch

Visit all six Bay Area Communities including:

       Swan's Market Cohousing--downtown Oakland
       Temescal Creek Cohousing--Oakland
       Temescal Commons--Oakland
       Pleasant Hill Cohousing--Pleasant Hill
       Berkeley Cohousing
       Doyle St--Emeryville

Tour leaders are Joani Blank from Swan's Market Cohousing and Karen Hester
from Temescal Creek Cohousing. Joani, who also lived at Doyle Street
Cohousing for 8 years, is on the Board of The Cohousing Network and has
visited (at last count) 37 cohousing communities. Karen leads workshops on
retrofit cohousing and is a founding member of the only retrofit cohousing
community in the Bay area.

The tour will begin and end at Swan's Market Cohousing in downtown Oakland,
readily accessible by BART and AC Transit.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet others interested in both new and
retrofit cohousing. Partial profits from this tour will go to The Cohousing
Network. Karen and Joani will be leading a similar tour that will likely
include visits to communities in Davis and Sacramento on Saturday, September 7.

For more information please email Joani (joani [at] or
Karen  (hesternet [at] or call Joani at 510-834-7399. To register: Send
a check for $65 to: Karen Hester, 320 45th St, Oakland, CA 94609.

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