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Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 06:47:00 -0600 (MDT)
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I couldnt reach Tad Montgomery at his e-mail adress. He urgently asked for
some suggestions (and moral support?). So I send my message to you, hoping
it can be sent along.
Thank you, Regards,
Luk J

Hello Tad, hello Gill

It is obvious that you could never 'win' negociations as long as the focus
is on the financial implications to the town. So I
suggest you do all you can to shift the discussion from financial benefits
to other benefits for the heighborhood and the city community.
Isn't a cohousing project more agreeable than an office park with light
industry? Tell them what the project can bring to the neighborhood, how this
can be upgraded by a cohousing community, about security, cohesion,
responsabilisation of civilians, activities for the neighborhood
(festivities, culture, sports, ...).
Are you inhabitants of Greenfield? If not, present not only the project but
also the people that will live in it, and show your commitment to make part
of the community.
About costs : our project here is well accepted by the local authorities not
only for the benefits named above, but also for the savings the city makes
thanks to specific choices. We intend to build an ecological project. The
city saves money not to have to build roads, it's a car-free zone with
parkinglot at the edge. They dont have to provide a sewer system as we will
have our own water purifying  system. This compairs the project to
traditional housing and not to office parks. So, avoid arguing on that level
anyway, I would say, and sollicit the authorities on their wish to make a
fine community with inhabitants that take more care of themselves and their
surrounding. Tell them cohousing is the future.
Wish you luck tomorrow.

Luk Jonckheere
Cohousing West-Brabant (projected)
Brussels, Belgium

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