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Hello all!

The Mid-Atlantic chapter of The Cohousing Network is sponsoring a very
special one-day conference here in Washington, DC.

This is a conference for people actively building or living in built
communities.  This is not about marketing.  It's not about the theory of
living in community.  This is a chance for folks to "take off the white
gloves" and get down to the business of discussing and sharing what works
really well in cohousing and what works less well.  It's a time to ask for
help on niggling issues and for sharing the joys of working together in

You know how you always say the best part of the conference was meeting
people in the hallways or on breaks?   This conference is designed to BE the
hallways and breaks.

The conference is limited to 50 participants from the seven communities that
make up the Mid-Atlantic chapter.  However, we are making 10 additional
spaces available for people outside the chapter.  If you are in a group
actively building its community or you already live in a built community and
you are interested in the topics we will be discussing we hope you will join
us for this day.

Here is the announcement in plain text


Thanks!  I hope you can join us.

TCN Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference
 Saturday June 8
 9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

"Cohousing Exposed: Real People, Real Issues, Real Communities"

 At last...a REAL nuts n' bolts conference for people actively building or
 living in cohousing.*  The day is designed to get down to discussing the
 nitty-gritty issues we face in the process of building community -- before
and after move-in!  There will be three large group discussions and one
small group session with multiple topics from which to choose.

Where: Common House at Takoma Village Cohousing
Sessions on Consensus, Workshare, Design Review**
Breakout sessions on Conflict Resolution, Marketing, Organizing Community
.and more!

Fee: (includes snacks)
Members of MAC communities: $10.00
Non-members $35.00
Lunch: Bring your own brown bag, drinks n' snacks provided.

To register, mail this form and check to: Nancy Weaver
9150 Liberty Village Way
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Make checks payable to Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Hm Phone____________Wk. Ph_____________
Email_______________(for confirmation and info.)
Am't enclosed____________

*FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED - Limited to 50 M.A.C. Members; 10 Non-members
M.A.C. member communities are:  Baltimore, Blueberry Hill, Chesapeake,
EcoVillage, Liberty Village, Proximity, Takoma Village,
Queries:  Zabaldo [at]

"This is the place to be for

**Design Review a.k.a architectural review  - process by which requests by
residents for changes or additions to the exterior of their home or property
is decided.

Ann Zabaldo

Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC. -- America's
zabaldo [at]

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