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From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 10:05:09 -0600 (MDT)
Meryl --

Well I'm totally delighted to see something happening in S.Florida!
Congrats!  Where exactly in S. Florida?

For Common House design my strong suggestion is to hire an architect who has
a track record in this.  It will be the cheapest money you spend.  And all
those questions you have can be answered by the group in concert w/ the
architect during the programming session.

Bruce Coldham Architect

The Cohousing Company

Kraus Fitch Architects

Plus the architect-- whose first name is Matt --  who did a masterful job on
the Harmony Village CH in Golden CO.  His name escapes me but he would be
easy to find.

And I'm sure there are other professionals working in cohousing that have
experience in designing CH's.

Have fun!  And congrats again!

Ann Zabaldo

Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC. -- America's
zabaldo [at]

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> Well after many years of frustration and failure, it looks like we are
> finally creating cohousing here in South Florida! We are working with a
> developer to create a community of 32 units on 3.6 acres. We're planning
> break ground within the year.
> We are about to embark on commonhouse design; it will be about 3,000 sq
> An earlier effort to create cohousing here included a 4,000 sq ft
> commonhouse. While we can use that somewhat as a model, I am hoping to get
> information from people who already have a standing commonhouse as to
> rooms and room sizes are most important-- and most importantly, most used.
> I'd love to hear suggestions from you'all about how we should design the
> commonhouse, room-wise, and what sizes the rooms should be. We know we
want a
> large kitchen and dining room, a kids play area, an adult media/reading
> and bathrooms. Some of us also want to do crafts and yoga regularly, but
> we're unclear whether a separate room will be needed, or whether the
> room easily doubles for those (perhaps with folding doors to make the
> room smaller?)? And are guest rooms an efficient use of space, or are we
> better off just having a Murphy bed in the media room? Also, how large
> the kids' play area be?
> Thanks for  any input!
> Regards,
> Meryl
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