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Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:47:05 -0600 (MDT)
On 05/26/02 10:11 AM, Sharon Villines wrote:
> Can you say more about Tectum. We have enormous acoustical problems and do
> not have the $5,000 estimated to fix them with cloth covered fiberglass wal=
> l
> panels (which many of us do not want anyway).

I don't know too much about Tectum.  Here's what I just found on the web at:

This is their home page.  There's lots more info available.

Manufacturing cementitious wood fiber acoustical products for over 50 years.

Use the quick and easy tabs to the left to take you directly to the
information you require.

Whether you require wall panels, ceiling tiles, an acoustical roof deck,
just to name a few, Tectum Inc. has the right product for your noise
problem.   Specializing in abuse and impact resistant panels that are known
Worldwide for over 50 years. Substantial acoustical results in the
commercial and institutional construction industries have been well

Easy to work with and install, Tectum panels and systems are cost effective
and require low maintenance. Available in natural or factory painted finish
as well as being field-paintable up to 6 times.

Tectum's products are composed of aspen wood fibers and an inorganic
hydraulic cement binder formed in a continuous process under heat and
pressure. All of the Tectum products carry a Class A/1 interior flame spread
rating. We are a "green" product manufactured using only renewable wood and
other sustainable raw materials.

Mac Thomson

Heartwood Cohousing

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