Dome for sale at RoseWind, PT, Washington
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:47:09 -0600 (MDT)
RoseWind Cohousing in Port Townsend Washington (24 families, in our 14th 
year) has a special resale home available now. 

Spacious 3-bedroom geodesic dome 2300 sf, with attached studio 130 sf, 
super garden of flowers, herbs and shrubs, outdoor seating spaces 
including covered porch with skylights, and cozy stone patio. Greenbelt 
views: facing the central commons. First floor has open living 
room/dining area, bedroom, home office/guest room, bathroom, custom 
kitchen, laundry room. Upstairs is a large open multi-use space, plus 
bedroom, bathroom. Custom woodwork throughout, radiant heat in floors. 
Handicap access on first floor includes extra-wide doors and shower 
stall. Very sunny and light. R45 insulation.

Bird life galore including hummingbirds, grosbeaks, goldfinches, 
crossbills, red-winged blackbirds, peregrine falcon, etc.

This is a strikingly beautiful home, designed by a Danish artist, and 
custom built by a really good builder! The main area downstairs has a 
high ceiling, with the second floor like a balcony over half the 
downstairs. Priced at $319,000. Please inquire, off list to 
welcome [at], if you have questions about the house or RoseWind. 

Lynn Nadeau, RoseWind Cohousing
Port Townsend Washington (Victorian seaport, music, art, nature)

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