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Follow up with clarifications: (First off, my apologies for reposting text
from the digest mode in my last message.  It was unintentional and I am
sorry.)  City of Boulder normally requires only 20% affordable in all new
housing developments.  The Holiday Drive-In neighborhood of which Wild Sage
cohousing will be one part is a special case in that they are requiring 40%
affordable.  For more info on the permanently affordable housing programs
in Boulder, contact Lora Lefhae at Boulder Housing Partners.

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>Subject: [C-L]_Affordable Unit Lotteries
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>The City of Boulder has a similar requirement for percentage of
>"permanently affordable" units.  I believe it is 40% for all new
>developments, and that is the proportion we have in the Wild Sage
>community.  There are other people in our community as well as at
>Wonderland Hill ( , our developer who could
>provide a deeper understanding about how it worked, but I can share
>high level perceptions. Basically, the city was very cooperative with
>us from the beginning of the process.  They understood what cohousing
>is (no doubt through the efforts of Wonderland and possibly through
>previous experience with the Nomad community) and how it is different
>from other housing projects.  They agreed to let us use our processes
>to choose who could purchase affordable units as long as people
>qualified through the city program as well.   So people who are
>purchasing an affordable unit needed to complete the city's
>qualification process as a pre-requisite to taking part in our unit
>selection process.   And once they were qualified they were kept in a
>separate list from the city's point of view than all the other people
>who just got on a list for general affordable housing.   It seems to
>work pretty well.  Hope that helps.

Lon Goldstein
zebulon303 [at]

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