Re: Diversity???
From: Cheryl A. Charis-Graves (
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 19:04:10 -0600 (MDT)
Howard, I appreciate and understand both points. Thank you.

Indeed, discrimination is a word that used to mean something closer to
"discern." Now, the dictionary lists its primary meaning in the way I did,
with discernment as a secondary meaning.

As I said, I consider extremists of any flavor difficult to talk to. A group
that espouses extremist practices on behalf of any cause could be dangerous,
in my mind, and thus inappropriate for the CH. Activists on either side of
the abortion issue who advocate practices that put others at risk in any way
would be unacceptable, for example.

I suppose I am advocating for more discernment rather than less, in the true
sense of the word. I am not saying we should accept all groups equally, but
I am saying that we should think about our reasons for declining any
particular group and be sure that we are remaining inclusive of people who
think differently than we do. I  don't believe that implies we should
include groups who espouse action that is clearly harmful to other persons.

And I appreciate your forthrightness. My writing was muddle-headed, at the
very least. Obviously, I feel some attachment to this issue, feel concerned
about it contributing to the divisiveness of our culture, and I allowed my
emotions to speak first.

My error.


P.S. Regarding common house usage, we specifically require that any activity
be sponsored by a community member and that the community member be present
and remain responsible for the activity throughout. If a commercial
enterprise is sponsored by a community member primarily for persons outside
the community, we request a percentage (small) of the profits. We have a
policy statement that must be read and signed outlining the parameters of
any CH activities. For example, drinking by minors is illegal and therefore
not allowed. 


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