Re: Diversity???
From: Amy Cervantes (
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:10:07 -0600 (MDT)
Agreed that the issue of commercial use of a common house is a separate issue.  
on the issue of diversity, it seems obvious to me that no one is obligated to
respect a group for the sake of "diversity" if the group itself does not accept

jnpalme [at] wrote:

> >From Racheli
> Sonora Cohousing.
> Cheryl wrote (in part):
> >>
> >> It seems fundamentally wrong for one group to decide they don't want 
> >> another
> >> group "in their presence" because of philosophical differences. This seems
> >> dangerous and hypocritical, to say the least.
> I disagree emphatically.
> First, as Liz said, in the case of her community, the issue was a
> commercial enterprise, which is a separate issue.
> But I also happen to think that a community can decide that there are
> certain groups they don't want to have in their midst.  This would
> include, for example, explicitly supremacist groups, which obviously
> aren't looking for ways to encourage diversity.
> I think such groups have a right to exist, but don't see why this is a
> kind of "diversity" we need to embrace.
> R.  (Who doesn't have time to get into it in greater depth at the moment).
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