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From: Michael Donovan (
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:10:13 -0600 (MDT)
>Our Architect is recommending Fiber Cement.... is installed in sheets, &
>painted....  I havent yet seen samples....  Any Experience witht his stuff?

>Do/don't you recommend?
>Ruth Hirsch 
>Cantines Island Co-ho
>Saugerties NY.... our gardens/landscaping look great!


I have no personal experience with fiber cement siding but recently received
the latest issue of The Family Handyman magazine (July/August 2002). This
unfortunately titled, but very useful publication intended for homeowners
(of which I am not) offers clear and well-illustrated how-to articles on a
whole host of home and garden maintenance and building issues. This month
includes an article on "Fiber Cement Siding." Sometimes it happens just when
you need it. ;-)

A short excerpt: "When you want the classic look of wood siding coupled with
lifetime durability, fiber cement siding may well be your best choice. Fiber
cement siding is a composit made of Portland cement, silica and wood fiber.
Once painted, it looks almost identical to wood. It's available in many
styles and widths, both smooth and wood textured, and you still get the
crisp joints and details that'll make your home's exterior stand out. In
addition, it's highly rot and insect resistant, won't burn and paints

Look for it at your library or newstand.

Michael Donovan
Village in the City Cohousing
St. Louis MO 

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