integrating new members/community building
From: Rosa Leah (
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:12:01 -0600 (MDT)
Our community is in the late stages (we hope!) of the land search process,
and we've recently had a significant influx of new folks join us.  We've
struggled with integrating these new folks, and we've had varying levels
of success.  We have social events, but frequently, new folks feel like
they're not sure who they'd talk to there!  Any ideas as to ways to help
new folks feel more comfy, and ways to help our (largely
shy/introverted) "established" folks be more welcoming?  Activities, etc.

Along the same lines, we've had a couple of meetings recently where
someone has brought up some pretty emotional issues during our business
meetings, which has gotten us off the track of the planned agenda.  I
think the group is happy to help people work through their emotional
stuff, but timing is tricky!  We've been sorting through the "emotional
outbursts" thread from earlier this spring, and among the things we think
might be helpful is a community building workshop.  Any facilitators out
there (or recommendations thereof) who do community building workshops in

Mosaic Commons <>, Somewhere Eastern MA

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