Adopting Common Areas
From: Kellie Teter and John Connell (
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:12:07 -0600 (MDT)
I'm forwarding this question from a member of my community:

As fledglings we are visiting, for the first time, the issue of how to deal
with common areas as well as the areas that are owned by the community but
under the stewardship of individual families. The common areas were platted
and legally filed with our county.

Some members now want to "adopt" some of the common areas for their own use
(Gardens, extensions of decks, Etc.)

We'd love to hear from others who have had these issues and how they've
dealt with them.

 Paul Caouette or Honey Niehaus
4730 W. 37th Ave. #9
Denver, CO 80212
pacdev1 [at]

Via John Connell
kteter [at]
Hearthstone Cohousing
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