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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:27:01 -0600 (MDT)

Jock Coats wrote:

This and the resale issue interests me, from a slightly different perspective.

Whole life housing.

You know, the kind of stuff that's meant to give you space to marry have kids and then when they go off contract again into retirement and so on. Now it seems to me that something about co-housing offers these possibilities, but when I think further about it, perhaps it does not. Once people are in their particular size home on a co-housing project presumably that's pretty much it.

We have had some house swapping due to change in family size. Example 1: One family moves out. Two families are interested in this big house. They collectively decide that the one with more pressisng need (couple currently living separately wanting to share house with their 3 teenagers - she currently has 2 BR unit). They agree to downsize to other couples house when teenagers move out, just as the second couple plans to be adopting second child.

I think there is a will in our community to try to work with changing family needs, but mostly so far it has been enlarging for growing kids. Only time will tell when we continue to habitate this place after the kids have flown the coop.


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