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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:05:02 -0600 (MDT)
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Hello Cohousers:

        I'd like some help and advice on how to bring up a sensitive
question to my cohousing group.  We are working through site design and
some community policy issues.  I'm a naturist and like to sunbathe in the
nude at times.  In a rental apartment I can't do this at home.  However,
long before getting involved in cohousing I decided that when I buy my own
place, that if I'm going to get in debt for several hundred thousand
dollars, the least I can get back is the ability to be nude outdoors, even
if it's only in a small area.

        At this point in our community's development, it's getting high
time to make sure this is possible.  Among a number of suggestions I've
made for our design, some include measures that would provide some private
outdoor space (not much; our site is a small one).  The response has been
mildly positive.  However, I'm worried that when push comes to shove in
the "value engineering" stage (i.e., we can't afford everything on the
list; what do we leave out?), my key proposals may be dropped and it will
be too late in the design process for further ones.

        If I come clear with my intense desire for limited naturism, I'm
hoping with good grounds for the hope that the community would provide
for it, either in the design or in community policy.  Not so incidentally,
I feel strongly enough about this issue that if it were denied I would
either block consensus on the design or withdraw from the group (aside
from my own strong desire for this as I've mentioned above, such a denial
would indicate a serious abrogation of our fundamental value of respect
for diversity).

        My question is how do I best approach this to the community?
I was going to add a few more sentences here with my thoughts on the
matter, but I'd rather leave the question simply stated to give room for
answers I may not have thought of.  I do feel I need to maintain
as much confidentiality on this issue until I feel confident about
officially raising it, and that I may need to really trust one or two
people (whom?) with this at the start.

        Thank you for any help in this matter.  It's very important to me!

A Worried Cohouser/Naturist

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