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Greetings to the List,

As many of you know, I have recently retired from my position as the
Executive Director of The Cohousing Network after four years of service.
Overall I am very proud of the accomplishments which were made during that
time and wish the new Executive Director Roy O'Shaughnessy the best of

Mac Thompson asked this list a few days ago about the status of Support
Financial Services. Now that I have shifted my attention away from TCN, I am
working even more actively with Support Financial Services. We have been
providing financial assistance to cohousing groups since 1994 and are
working with our ninth community to receive a loan.

In addition, we are just getting ready to launch a separate fund which will
be designed to help cohousing groups in an even earlier stage of
development. We will also be able make loans to other environmentally
sustainable residential developments.  We are very excite about this new
fund and expect to be able to make an even bigger contribution to the
successful creation of community.



Zev Paiss
Director of Project Development
Support Financial Services
(V) 303-413-8066 (F)303-413-8067

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