Re: Motivations and Realities
From: Racheli Gai (
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:27:00 -0600 (MDT)
Hi Howard,
You seem to have changed the subject, too.
Your initial argument was that there is an "anti-rich"
bias among cohousers (or at least among those on
this listing).
But in the post below you're arguing (correct me if I'm wrong) that there
needs to be room to discuss the the merits and the  drawbacks of including
low income units in cohousing,  and that  according to your perception
many people don't feel this is a discussion  worth having.

I certainly think it's a fine subject to discuss.  I also agree with you
that bringing in poorer people might result in having to compromise on
some other objectives (such as the pursuit of certain environmental
goals). However, I don't think these are mutually exclusive objectives -
and I'm saying it as someone who feels very committed to both.
It's true that when we built Sonora Cohousing we needed to make
compromises, including on environmental issues.  I don't think that the
major reason was the fact that we had some people who had less financial
wherewithall than others.  It had more to do (IMO) with the fact that the
level of committment to environmental goals was  not (and isn't) equal. 
All and all - people with less money tended to buy smaller houses, which
is *the best single thing* one can do for the environment.

Sonora Cohousing.
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