Sorting criteria for cohousing.
From: Ormond Otvos (
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 09:10:01 -0600 (MDT)
The poor we will always have with us, because it
takes five hundred of them to make a rich person
feel content, and there are plenty of people
driven enough to be rich.

Wanting to make places for the poor is a fine
idea, but cohousing is not affordable housing
PRIMARILY, but housing for people aware enough of
the conditions in society and their life to want
to work with others to live a particular way.

I've much experience with living with the poor,
and although there are many wonderful poor people,
it isn't my primary sort criterium for social
situations. In cohousing, I would be sorting for
social drives, cooperation, understanding of

Are you maintaining that cohousing, already a
difficult proposition, should burden itself with
affordability also?

I think it overextending, myself.


Rule 110 states that a cell becomes white IF its
previous color and its two neighbors are all black
or all white OR if its previous color was white
and the two neighbors are black and white
respectively otherwise the cell becomes black.  If
now BWW, what will be the next color?
>From "A New Kind Of Science" by Stephen Wolfram

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