Re: 80th International Co-op Day-games for cohousers
From: Elizabeth Stevenson (
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 11:12:01 -0600 (MDT)
> This year, a group of people from four housing co-ops have organised a
> Co-op Dance.  There'll be a band, world music DJ, dance demos, and
> games.  Games!?!?  Ok, cohousers, I need some sure-fire, get-em-moving,
> lots of fun for the whole family, party/dance games.

I'm replying to the whole list, because this is a great game for "game
nights" in the common house.

One of our members brought this game to us-it sounds complicated, but try
it, it is easy enough for a 5-yr-old to do, and lasts as long as people

The cleaned up version is called the movie game. People sit in a circle of
chairs of any number. Every person has to think of a quote from a movie with
hand gestures that go along with it. So if someone were to pick "You talkin'
ta me?" Robert DeNiro's famous line, that person would also do the hand
gesture that DeNiro did in the movie. I think he pointed to himself.

Go around the whole circle so that everyone has a chance to memorize the
quote and gestures. Then there are two important chairs, right next to each
other. One is the "toilet" and on that person's right is the" throne". The
person on the throne starts the game. That person thinks of one of the other
people's quote/gestures and does it. Then the person whose quote that was
needs to think of yet another person's quote and do it, and so on.

This is the fun part. Whenever anyone either forgets their quote and doesn't
respond, or more frequently, can't think of someone else's quote, they have
to move to the toilet seat. The quotes STAY WITH THE CHAIR, NOT THE PERSON.
Everyone moves clockwise to fill up the empty seat that person left.
Everyone to the right of the person who went to the toilet will have a new
quote that is theirs. The goal is to move up to the throne, but it doesn't
really matter, since you don't get anything when you get there, except the
deep respect of your peers.

The adult (or maybe college-age) version of this game involves having to
drink every time you mess up. I've never played it that way, since we always
play this as a family game. It is quite hilarious without any drinking.

Be sure to include lots of foreign accents in your quotes. Half the fun is
hearing how badly people mangle the accents. I did one from "Braveheart"
once that really brought the house down.

You can decide on how much a person is allowed to falter before they get
sent to the toilet. It's easy to modify for different levels. Usually, we
just decide at the moment by shouting. Children gets lots of leeway, and
certain adults can't miss a beat or we'll humiliate them.

Have fun at your party!
Liz Stevenson
Southside Park Cohousing
Sacramento, California
tamgoddess [at]

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