Re: Workshare Credits
From: Jock Coats (
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 13:32:01 -0600 (MDT)
Sharon Villines wrote:

In our community it is accepted that all work for the community -- work that
would normally be hired out by a condo association plus meals, facilitating
meetings, security checks, sump pump watch, etc. -- are community chores
including the white collar tasks like budgeting and servicing our computers
and internet routers. One hour equals one hour.

But we don't keep track of who does what and how much.
Why not do it as Time Dollars or whatever you call it over there? That way you can account for things that people do for each other as well as for the 'community'. The more people realise the social (and eventually financial) value of even little neighbourly tasks perhaps the higher priority that will become in terms of their other 'work-life' balance issues and you can credit single mum with some time against the community tasks because she's picked up busy working mum's kids from school and looked after them for a couple of hours.


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