Time expectations in cohousing
From: Martie Weatherly (martiewearthlink.net)
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 19:51:01 -0600 (MDT)
Rob, I completely agree with you. Here in Liberty Village, we have no
requirements of work time. We are learning to trust our relationships
more than trying to make things "fair." We know that people's available
time can change this week, this month or this year. 

We will reconsider our work sharing anytime it does not seem to work,
but for right now we trust that everyone makes a contribution in
whatever way they can, and, in fact, they do just that. 

Martie Weatherly
Liberty Village, MD
martiew [at] earthlink.net

>In traveling about a number of communities I offer this observation: I
> seldom ever found equality in participation in any community I ever visited.
> In cohousing and many other communities for that matter the most common
> pattern looked like this:
> about 1/4th of the membership was most active
> about 1/4th was least active
> about 1/2 varied from active to inactive.
> This pattern was so consistent I hypothesize it represents normal.
> I have said this before so excuse me for repeated this, But in my opinion is
> the wrong approach is to seek what is "fair". A better approach is to seek
> what makes you happy.
Rob Sandelin
Sharingwood, where a couple of rentals are available
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