Re: Income Discrepancy in Cohousers
From: Martie Weatherly (
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 21:28:02 -0600 (MDT)
> Not to say we wouldn't be willing or able to ante up the
> occasional extra buck toward acheiving some mutually agreed upon goal;
> but rather that since we may at times have more time than money and are
> "skilled" in areas that may be a benefit to the community, that that
> would be our value.

 I just want to know if I am on target with this?  Is someone who might
> have to weigh their financial commitments more carefully than others a
> deficit to those in the community who do not?  I'm not trying to be
> provocative, but the recent string of messages has given me pause.
> ~Amy who's planning to join Honey Creek Cohousing in Ann Arbor, MI

Amy, I think you are right on target with being of value to the
community, possibly more with time than money. I am sure communities are
different, but in our community, Liberty Village, we have a wide variety
of people (retired, working, parents, single parents, more or less
available money, different skills). Also, people's availability, both
financial and physical, has changed from time to time. 

I think it is hard to figure out ahead of time how this will be worked
out. Your best bet is to get involved with a community and work these
things out in community. We have been working together for seven years
and living together for two or so, and we don't keep track of any hours.
People just get the work done. Everyone contributes something, be it
mowing or building or organizing or child care. We have monthly dues but
we also contribute a lot for extras, whatever amount anyone wants, or

We don't have a common house yet but when we do, we will work that out.
One thing we have found, is that if there are great ideas and no one has
the energy to get them done, then they don't get done. That makes life a
lot easier. 

Good luck and enjoy cohousing. It is absolutely marvelous and a
wonderful place to live.

Martie Weatherly
Liberty Village
martiew [at]
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