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When a family leaves our community we share a meal with them and then
gather afterwards, form a circle, join hands and anyone who wishes, tells
them what it has meant to have them in our village. Then we present them
with a photo-collage of memorable pict ures from their neighbors with the
following quote incorporated into the framed photos: "YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE
FRIENDS IN MANZANITA VILLAGE." That way, they can take us with them.  They
seem to love it. 

Joan Burrell
Manzanita Village Cohousing
Prescott, AZ

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Have any of the older communities  developed closure/separation  
ceremonies for members or families who leave the community?  Is there  
any protocol about leaving?    Any experience in good ways to end a long  
relationship of living in a community?     

Diana Porter
Cincinnati Ecovillage

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