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From: Kay Argyle (
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 17:42:23 -0700 (MST)
> 1) If we assess members through the condo association for a capital
> improvement that we have agreed to, can we exempt any households that have
> agreed not to block but have stated that they cannot afford their "share?"

It's all in how it's perceived.  Does everybody feel good about it?  There
have been many times I've paid "more than my share," and had warm fuzzies.
There was that other time, though ....

We agreed to allow people to excuse themselves from repayment for the
purchase of some adjacent land.  I was one of the people who wanted to
acquire the property -- in fact I wrote the proposal.  We would buy the
property on the group's behalf, and the group would repay us at a future
date. The assessment exemption was an amendment added during the discussion,
largely to appease a particular household, who argued that not only didn't
they have the money now, they weren't sure they would in the future.

Once I thought the matter through later, I regretted it, because I felt it
was going to breed resentment -- mine, if nobody else's.  This poverty plea
was coming from people who had several times my own income and a nicer
lifestyle, and who had gotten the group to foot the bill for a considerably
more expensive purchase they themselves wanted -- and IMO, if you can't come
up with $1,000 with several years' notice, it's because you don't want to,
not because you can't.

Fortunately(?) the owner decided not to sell the land.

My brother (who inclines to black humor) says that true generosity is giving
to somebody who has more than you do, or who could repay you but won't.  By
that definition, I'm no philanthropist.

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