Unique opportunity available to rent home -- Cobb Hill Cohousing, Hartland, VT
From: Angelapk (Angelapkaol.com)
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 18:05:08 -0700 (MST)
Please help us spread the word about this unique chance to live at Cobb Hill.


Cobb Hill Cohousing -- home for rent, Hartland, Vermont

Unique opportunity to live at Cobb Hill Cohousing; available 12/15/02.  Cobb 
Hill Cohousing is a community of 23 households committed to sustainable 
living, organic agriculture, and creating a thriving community life with its 
many opportunities for hands on work, reflection, learning, and fun. We seek 
and prefer renters who can be full participants in the work of community 
living. The community owns 260 acres including an organic farm, high pastures 
with beautiful views, a large regenerating forest, a small stream, a pond, 
and a common house.  Details at www.cobbhill.org;  application form below 
gives additional information.

Location: Hartland, Vermont, 10 miles south of White River Junction, VT, and 
Hanover, NH.  Three-bedroom, 1400 square foot home with beautiful views of 
Mt. Ascutney and Cobb Hill farm. House includes three bedrooms, two 
bathrooms, first-floor den, spacious living room and kitchen, and basement 
with windows and outside entrance.  Available for rental to a family for 
$1800/month (plus utilities/community fee) or to three housemates who would 
pay between $540-640/month (plus utilities/community fee) depending on size 
of bedroom. 

Contact: Angela Park at angelapk [at] aol.com, 717.293.1113.  You can also send 
completed application form in the text of an e-mail to angelapk [at] aol.com. 

Application Form for Renting at Cobb Hill


Household members who would be living at Cobb Hill:

1.  Please share a few paragraphs of information about yourself/ your family.
2.  Why does living at Cobb Hill interest you? What aspects of the community 
particularly attract you?
3. Do you have outdoor pets that you would want to bring here? If so, please 
describe them. The pet policy requires the community's permission for any new 
outdoor pets. 
4.  Please read the common rules and agreements on rentals (click on 
"Community" from the Cobb Hill homepage), the bylaws, and other agreements 
defining aspects of daily life at Cobb Hill. Note any that you do no 
understand or that make you uncomfortable.
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