TCN 2003 calendar - significant events?
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:22:04 -0700 (MST)
Greetings, fellow Coho-L'ers.

Roy O'Shaughnessy, Executive Director of the Cohousing Network, is 
assembling a calendar of significant events in Cohousing communities, 
existing and in formation, throughout North America for the next year. As 
a TCN board member, I'm jumping in to ask this list for input on that 

This will help us plan events, including the North American Cohousing 
Conference and regional gatherings, professional seminars, tours, and our 
board's Face-to-Face gatherings; we'll also include publication 
advertising/editorial/production deadlines, and we'll collate and 
republish this info via TCN's Web site (our communications team has 
identified a calendar as a key feature to add in the coming year), this 
list, and other means. Communities can use this as a tool to plan their 
own local events, collaborate with other communities, and tag onto other 
national/continental and regional events for joint publicity/outreach.

So, do you have anything scheduled or in the planning stages? A 
traditional anniversary event for your community - especially "round 
numbers"? (1, 5, 10 years) Conferences related to your area, to building, 
to community? Expected milestones (construction start, move-in?) Even if 
the dates are vague ("groundbreaking in Spring" or "recruiting event at 
the county fair every July"), we'd like to know about it as early as 
possible so that we can identify opportunities for building on your event 
or generating appropriate publicity or at least help us and others avoid 
major conflicts.

We understand that not all events are appropriate for outside involvement 
or publicity. But we'd still like to know about your plans so we can 
avoid conflicts that would make it hard for members of your community to 
participate. When sending in an event, please note whether it's OK to 
include it on TCN public calendars and to share with the press.

Thanks so much for your info... pooling this kind of info is an essential 
part of how The Cohousing Network can better serve Cohousing communities 
throughout North America.

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Your name:
Your email:
Your phone #:

Community name:
Location (city, state):

Event name:
Event date:
 (indicate pattern, ie 3rd Thursday in Aug, if recurring, or original 
date if anniversary)

Event sponsor: (if not your group)
Event organizer name:
Event organizer phone #:
Event organizer email:

Event URL:
Event public name/phone/email:

OK to share with other communities? with the press? OK to publish?: (Y/N 
for each)

Clip and send to: Roy O'Shaughnessy, TCN Exec Director: 
execdir [at]
(don't send to me or the whole list, it'll just confuse us). Thanks for 
your time.
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