Homesteading meets CoHousing
From: Grace Potts (
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:29:31 -0700 (MST)
Are there any folks who would like to do a homesteading- cohousing- land stewardship community in Northern Vermont?

I'm trying to explore the idea and see if there is enough interest from folks in this idea to pursue it.

This community would offer:
*A rural location- small Northern VT village
*No building codes!
*Existing house to serve as common house
*30 Modest size clustered housing sites
  (think Lot Development style cohousing)
*10 common acres
*24 acres of private land trust land
*Access to a vibrant existing alternative network
  (alternative building, food systems, etc)

You would need the following to join:
*$10K to purchase property
*Ability to build your own home(or have it built, or some
  combination of the two)
*Willingness to form community with others
*Willingness to steward the land
*Ability to support yourself economically

*This couldn't begin to happen without 12 core households
  (families, singles, whatever) with the 10K to purchase
*This would bring 30 households out into a fairly remote area to
  live. This would impact the environment there, and the people
  there. Having the right kind of impact would take a good deal
  of care and consideration.
*Again- the location would mean a job change of some kind for most
*With 12 core households- a community like this could possibly get
  moving by spring of 2004.

If you have the things that you would need to join a community like I've described, and you would like to- please give me a call, or send me an e-mail off-list. Thanks so much for your time, please accept my apologies for the cross-postings. Peace!

Grace Potts
grace [at]

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