Meetings are a bad way...
From: Grace Potts (
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:41:01 -0700 (MST)
Meetings are a bad way...

To do lots of things actually.  But I'm not going to go there right now, I
just want to back-up Rob's statement.

Yes, while it is true that several of the folks reading this list may feel
much better about joining a group after seeing their meeting process, and
that a person probably shouldn't join a group without knowing their process:
meeting people informally is generally a better experience for the average
person than meeting people in a more formal, possibly tense situation.
Additionally, I don't think Rob said anything about joing a group w/out
seeing their process, or just having social meetings.  I think he just said
that a social gathering was a better initial introduction to a community
than a business gathering.

The other thing is that a real regular joe, just some guy you see walking
down the street the next time you're out- he might like to live in
co-housing, and has never heard of it.  He has no idea about this community
thing, but just the same- he could be, and probably is a good fit for some
community somewhere.  This guy who's never heard of all this consensus
stuff, and never opened the books that have changed so many of *our* lives
(the cohousing book, the strawbale house, a pattern language, permaculture-
etc.) he's not going to sift his way through a meeting.  But he's certainly
eaten before, and could probably get into a potluck.

Personally, I think I'd like to see more regular folks get involved in
co-housing.  Just some gal who saw the flyer, and thought it would be
interesting to have dinner, and see what this community thing is all about.

But that's just my terribly immodest opinion.


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