RE: Cohousing Network seeks Editor for Pubs, Website
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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 11:36:02 -0700 (MST)
Dec 14, 2002:  Check out new URL at end of this (and every list message) for 
Cohousing-L info page.  Season's Greetings.  Fred, list manager.
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I tried to contact you last Wednesday by email at the
ebcoho-info [at] address provided on the  <>
web site.  My email was returned undeliverable.

I live in the SF East Bay and am quite interested in exploring cohousing
for myself and my family. I'd like to find out the current status of the
East Bay Cohousing group.  If you don't mind, can you contact me by
private email?


Greg Dunn

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Dec 14, 2002:  Check out new URL at end of this (and every list message)
for Cohousing-L info page.  Seasons' Greetings.  FredOn 12/13/02 6:37
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>In the words of our inestimable Dennis Jay, TCN comm team leader and
>Annapolis coho member, "we pegged this job at 25 to 30 hours per month
>a fee of $1,200/month."

Yes, I'm replying to myself (and to the list, plus a few others who I've

corresponded with on this topic). Because my esteemed colleague Mr. Jay 
turns out to estimable after all. ;-)

Dennis just confirmed that he misspoke (mis-emailed?), and that 40-50 
hours per month is a more realistic expectation of the commitment 
involved in the job -- as the original document I posted indicated. The 
moral of this story: Read the fine print!

The budget number he cited is currently correct, but, like all budgets, 
it is subject to change based on revenue (hint: donate more and renew 
those memberships today!) and organizational priorities (all those board

fact-finding excursions to investigate potential coho sites in Hawaii
awfully important to the movement, don'cha think?), as well as
agreements reached with the selected vendor (like, we could pay more if 
the services included backrubs for beleaguered boardmembers, or less if 
the work product was delivered in cryptic handwriting on the back of 
leftover pizza boxes from common meals [unless some really good pizza
still stuck to the box]).


P.S. While we're having fun bashing Dennis, who gets all the blame 
because he's generally the one who does most of the work around here on 
the TCN board's communications team, I've also recently been informed 
that, by copying and pasting from a Dennis-created Word document that 
used the much-feared-by-list-administrators "smart quotes", the name of 
TCN's Executive Director may have been unreadable by some in my initial 
job and RFP posts.

So, for the record: His name is Roy O'Shaughnessy, and there are no % 
symbols or dollar signs or funny hex characters in his name (although he

may be willing to change the S to a dollar sign for someone making a 
large enough donation to TCN).

Raines Cohen <my initials,2,dash,coho,dash,L at my first name .com>

  Member, Swan's Market Coho [Oakland, CA] <>
Where a few minor leaks in the roof have been exposed by the weather.

  Facilitator, East Bay Cohousing [on hiatus] <>
Planning on organizing at the CoHo Co. slideshow in January.

  Boardmember, The Cohousing Network <> Your
one-stop shop for Cohousing-logoed T-shirts and aprons - the perfect 
holiday gift.

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