Re: Underground Parking - Parking Machine
From: Jock Coats (
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 14:38:02 -0700 (MST)
It sounds really interesting, but the drawing on the website does not make it apparent how it works. E.g it implies that the lift is to one end of each storey. If you are the first car stored in a storey how does it get you out first?

I would have thought it would have to operate in two planes like a pigeon hole system. But that's not so much a bar as an opportunity to produce different layouts.

Certainly our planning authorities would have great difficulty with something that had to be 40+ meters high to cope with just sixty cars (even with some of it underground - we have maximum structure heights of 16-20 meters in historic Oxford!) but operating in a horizontal and a vertical plane you could have double racks, albeit lower and using more ground space, but still more space efficient than drive in parking.


On Saturday, Dec 28, 2002, at 21:02 Europe/London, Fred H Olson wrote:

See Automated Mechanical Parking

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