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From: Jeanne Goodman (
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:09:08 -0700 (MST)
Once upon a time there was a couple named Frank and Martha Sheng. They had
three beautiful children William (called Bill), Joseph (called Joe) and Coby
(called Coe).

Frank had a sucessful career in architecture and was a founding partner in
the firm of McKenzie, Sheng and Thompson. They  lived comfortably and they
sent their children to fine schools.

William grew up to follow his father's footsteps and he became one of the
finest architects in his fathers firm. Bill was made a full partner when
Frank retired. Bill married Susan Burlington fifteen years ago and they have
two lovely children Ben and Diane.

Joseph became a respected artist. His works can be found at corporate
offices in New York, Boston, San Franciso and Seattle.  A chicago based
museum is about to arrange a traveling exhibit of his work this comming
fall. Thirteen years ago Joe married  Margaret Nissan and they have one
daughter, Patricia.

Coby got her MBA from the Sloan Business School. She founded her own dot com
business and sold it for an astronomical amount just before the bubble
burst. She retired at the age of thirty eight and she has settled down with
her husband Martin Howe and their three children, Dave, Sandra and Evelyn. A
year ago she decided to use her wealth to start a philanthropic organization
that helps community-based organizations. She is very popular among the
groups she supports. This year they got together and made a big sign to
honor her. It said...

                                                      "We LOVE Coe

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