Re: wanting to start forming a community
From: Tree Bressen (
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 23:23:01 -0700 (MST)
Hi folks,

Can you tell i'm catching up on my email from being away?  This one is from
several weeks ago, but nonetheless i wanted to mention . . .

Fred wrote in response to Emma's inquiry:
>It seems to me one of the first things you need to think thru is what
>would the folks that live in such a place do for a livelyhood.  While
>there are possibilities, it is still true that most of us find cities 
>easier places to make a living.  Commuting is a possiblity but IMHO
>long commutes are a drag and impediment to fully enjoying a community.

I believe the very next issue of Communities magazine, probably about to be
mailed, is on the theme of earning a living and affordability, especially
in rural locations.  I'll bet some folks on this list have never even read
an issue of Communities and don't know what a great resource it is.  (Yes
i'm biased as i write for it occasionally, but i really do think it's a
great publication!)  Most of the articles are as applicable to cohousing as
to any other form of community.  

Communities magazine (issue #116)
order [at]




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