Single Parents in Cohousing
From: Maggie (
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 08:56:01 -0700 (MST)
As mentioned in closing my earlier posting, we are planning on developing an
affordable cohousing project for single income parents and low income
singles.  Fort McMurray is a boom town because of the oil sands.  A city
that has grown from 6,000 in the 70's, now has 47,000 with 10,000 being
accommodated in camps...primarily because there is not enough housing.  It
is particularly difficult for single working Moms who earn $35,000 to
$45,000.  In southern Alberta this level of income would allow for a
reasonable standard of living for a single parent but NOT in Fort McMurray
where the rent for a decent 2 bedroom apartment is $1,600/month + utilities.
The purpose of this post is to inquire from other groups how cohousing has
worked for single Moms.  Having been a single mom myself in the 70's and
80's in Toronto, I know the only way for me to make a decent life style was
to rent the largest house I could and rent rooms.  That is how I got hooked
on living in intentional community.  I can only imagine the positive
benefits for a single parent...or any parent in raising kids in a cohousing
community.  Could some of you who do live in cohousing write about the
benefits, both to the single parent family and also to the larger community?
We would love to use the quotes to support our application for funding.
Maggie Dutton,
H.O.M.E.S. Housing Ourselves Made Easy Society,

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