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Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 22:17:01 -0700 (MST)
On 12/31/02 11:05 AM, Sharon Villines < sharon [at]> wrote:

>On 12/31/2002 12:51 PM, "Raines Cohen" <rc2-coho-L [at]> wrote:
>> CityCarShare now has a station wagon right outside our front gate, so
>> that's available when we need it, for the several members here.
>Raines, how does this work?

Their website says it all: You join up for a $30 fee to review your 
driving record. You put down a $300 damage deposit (per household; we 
theoretically could get a business membership for the HOA but then we'd 
have to distribute the bills and pay higher rates).
You get issued a key-fob and a code, and pay $10 a month.

When you want to reserve a car, you call their automated system or use 
their website with your code, pick the location and time. When you go to 
that location at the start time, your fob will unlock the doors on any of 
the cars there. The ignition key is inside. You return it by the end of 
your reserved time, or pay a penalty (very steep if someone is 
inconvenienced by your not returning it on time and not calling ahead or 
extending your reservation). An invoice is sent monthly. Fees are $3.50 
per hour reserved (capped at $35 per 24 hour period), plus $0.37/mile 
driven (no mileage charge on the electric cars that make up a small part 
of their fleet). Includes gas (use their credit card to refill if tank 
goes below 1/2), insurance, maintenance, etc. You're better off going 
with a conventional car rental company if you're going a long distance or 
renting full days at a time, especially with some of the specials out 

>It seems to me that this is a good option. I don't currently have a car but
>could use one 2-3 days a month for a few hours -- maybe once a week.

It's ideal for that.

> I could
>share with others or borrow a neighbors car but would like to have a more
>structured way of reserving a car

Yes, being part of a large pool removes the "transactional" hassle of 
inconveniencing neighbors and/or feeling like you "owe them" something or 
might not be able to get the use when you need it. I still occasionally 
share a ride or borrow a van, but this serves a slightly different need 
than that.

> and, mostly, I would like to be free of
>concerns about maintenance and concerns about how others are using the same

I believe FlexCar or ZipCar has service in the District... check 'em out!


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