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Dear Donna:

In the five years I've been part of Cantine's Island Cohousing and the three 
years before that with another group which didn't make it to construction, 
there was never a vote, decisions are made by consensus.  But I believe what 
you are asking is: does interest remain high and, if so, what encourages that 
result?  Am I right?

Part of your answer will materialize as your group goes forward because -- 
unfortunately -- it will be a long "in training" time.  To pull off a 
community is exciting but also a lot of work.  You will learn of and with 
each other including who is going to stick.  Now that CI has been a fact 
since '98, the pattern of participation is clear.  Some people attend 
meetings more than others but nobody is absent all or most of the time.  
There is general recognition that decisions will get made without you if you 
are not present (except for very basic things like new members) and that's 
only fair.  

Participation is encouraged thru interaction in causal ways as you suggested. 
 We are aware of people and what is happening with them.  We had a recent 
community day (special session not for run of the mill issues) and one of the 
concerns was: How do we learn to ask for help when we need it?  We're working 
on structured way to achieve that among an independent group of people.  So 
you see it never "gets done" but it is doable.
Best wishes, Janet Carter
 Cantine's Island Cohousing, Saugerties, NY

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