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Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 09:50:02 -0700 (MST)
Related (kind of) question....I was told that there is a co-housing "type"
community in Benton - Washington that has worked with an affordable housing
group in the city and received some funding because of this.  Does anyone
know about this...or even better is there someone from this group on the
list.  We in Corvallis are considering this type of partnership and would
love to communicate with another group doing this.

Juva is wet and wild Corvallis - Oregon (CoHo - seeking land and members)
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> A very inspiring article in the NYT on the renovation of Archer Courts in
> Chicago. Architects took a horrible project filled with crime and rats and
> turned it into an award-winning building and a happy community with NO
> residents being displaced. They created community rooms that sound very
> like commonhouses and did it all with foundation and public money.
> The renovation was done by Anthony Fusco and Daniel Burke, lawyers who
> specialize in "civic miracles" like saving and renovating low and moderate
> income housing. This is probably the best way to create cohousing
> communities for low and moderate income households. In fact this project
> includes mixed income households.
> You may have to register to read the article but registration is free. The
> article is "Out of the Ashes, Cinderella" by Gwenda Blair.
> Sharon
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