RE: Benefits of Cohousing for single parents
From: Catya Belfer-Shevett (
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:46:01 -0700 (MST)
> I am looking for possible housing in the Cambridge, MA area.. my question
> is.. is co-housing geared toward single parents?.. I am looking for
> housing for my family of 4.. is co-housing an option?..

Hi Daryle,

Cohousing is certainly welcoming of single parents :)

Check out for information on local groups.

There are several groups near Cambridge - Cornerstone and Camnbridge
cohousing are both built communities, I don't believe either has any units
for sale at this time.

JP Cohousing in Jamaica Plain is mostly presold, but may have some units
available - check out for their information.

I'm involved with Mosaic Commons, a little further to the West in Stow, MA - for our website.  Our next introductory
meeting will be 1/19 in Marlboro.

Good luck!

        - catya
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