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Our community may soon have its first resale of a completed house. 
However the sellers and buyers still need to get over the appraisal
hurdle.  When my husband and I refinanced our co-house, the appraiser gave
it a very low appraisal because of the coven ants and restrictions of our
homeowner's association which he felt made for a very limited resale
market.  He saw no value in our common amenities nor in the community
aspects which most of us have built in cohousing for.  While we didn't
need a high appr aisal for our refinance, this upcoming sale probably
will.  Have others encountered this problem of low valuation placed on
cohousing?  Any recommendations for how to proceed? 

Amy Tolk
Two Echo Cohousing Community
Brunswick, Maine (under 2 feet of snow)
(207) 729-1985
theblokes [at]

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