RE: Unitarians or Unitarian Universalists in Cohousing
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 00:56:06 -0700 (MST)

Greg writes:

What are the key tenets of Unitarianism?

Rather than fill up your mailboxes with a response to Gregg's inquiry, I'll refer anyone who is interested to the following url which is on the website of the UUA (the Unitarian-Universalist Association of Congregations. (It is a quick read; go ahead, check it out.) Then go back to the front page and put your zipcode in the box where it says,m "Find a congregation near you." Just kidding. We UUs most emphatically do not proselytize.

Joani Blank
Swan's Market Cohouisng
Oakland, CA

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