Cohosuing Annual Report 2002
From: Roy O'Shaughnessy (
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 04:58:12 -0700 (MST)

The Cohousing Network is preparing to publish a Directory of Cohousing
Communities and an Annual Report (2002). Our goal is to have this in
member's hands by February 15. We need your help in getting any information
you or your community may have on the following:

One page reports from Professional organizations updating on their
activities and the challenges working within cohousing.
A summary of all cohousing projects pending and the total capital involved
and who the banks are who financed.
A similar summary of all completed communities.
Three brief human interest stories about living within cohousing.

We also Need:
Resale and turnover data, patterns
Parking and trip generation facts
Automobile ownership and usage patterns
Energy usage patterns
Public, private and home schooling patterns
Children?s grade point averages
Community participation info ? school boards, town councils, etc.
Unit size patterns
Family size patterns
Common House usage patterns
Mortgage lending patterns
HOA budget patterns

Please add to the list and start soliciting material from any contacts you
may have. Many thanks. Submissions should be sent to Roy O'Shaughnessy at
rlos [at]

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