Re: Cohousing Annual Report 2002
From: Cheryl A. Charis-Graves (
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 11:20:13 -0700 (MST)
I was reading down this list and was very surprised to find "children's 
grade point average" on the list! I think there are a lot of good 
reasons to NOT include this as part of our list -- GPA reflects much, 
much more than "good community," GPA may not be used in many schools, 
success at school is much more than GPA. I also think it reflects 
something about our organization (and I'm not sure I like what it 
reflects) that we would choose this particular piece of data. I object 
to this on essentially the same grounds as I object to standardized 
group test scores as a measure of a school/classroom's "worthiness." 

I encourage TCN to reconsider this particular item. If you want to hear 
more of my reasoning, I will elaborate. But I really wonder if this item 
was well-considered to begin with.

Cheryl Charis-Graves

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From: "Roy O'Shaughnessy" <rlos [at]>
Date: Monday, January 13, 2003 4:27 am
Subject: [C-L]_Cohosuing Annual Report 2002

> The Cohousing Network is preparing to publish a Directory of Cohousing
> Communities and an Annual Report (2002). Our goal is to have this in
> member's hands by February 15. We need your help in getting any 
> informationyou or your community may have on the following:
> One page reports from Professional organizations updating on their
> activities and the challenges working within cohousing.
> A summary of all cohousing projects pending and the total capital 
> involvedand who the banks are who financed.
> A similar summary of all completed communities.
> Three brief human interest stories about living within cohousing.
> We also Need:
> Resale and turnover data, patterns
> Parking and trip generation facts
> Automobile ownership and usage patterns
> Energy usage patterns
> Public, private and home schooling patterns
> Children?s grade point averages
> Community participation info ? school boards, town councils, etc.
> Unit size patterns
> Family size patterns
> Common House usage patterns
> Mortgage lending patterns
> HOA budget patterns
> Please add to the list and start soliciting material from any 
> contacts you
> may have. Many thanks. Submissions should be sent to Roy 
> O'Shaughnessy at
> rlos [at]
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