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From: Roy O'Shaughnessy (
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 03:31:06 -0700 (MST)
This is a response to the great comments concerning the production of an
Annual Report on Cohousing and the concerns expressed relating to the one
item - grade point averages. As stated in the original note this is the
first time we are preparing an Annual Report and we are determining the best
information to include. The list that was submitted to Cohousing-List was a
compilation of what had been suggested to date (by members) and is still
simply a brain storming list. The Annual Report is primarily a tool that can
be used when educating non cohousing people about cohousing, it's main
intent is to build credibility so that a bank, or a builder, or a local
government officer, with no familiarity with cohousing - can be reassured
when approached about financing, a building project, or a permit - that
cohousing is stronger than any one community and is indeed a national
movement. We have most of the information or can access it for this primary
purpose. However, the secondary purpose, is to provide factual, statistical
data for people who have never considered cohousing as an option but may
when presented with factual data concerning cohousing communities - is crime
really lower in cohousing communities, do property values really remain
higher, do children like living in cohousing, etc? As has been suggested
much of this information needs to be collected statistically and not in a
general way. I agree. However, the purpose of the request for information is
to be sure we have solicited any information that may be "out there" -
someone may have done a thesis on one of these topics or compiled
statistical data on a segment of the cohousing community, and if so we would
like to be aware of that information.

The "grade point averages" was suggested by a member as part of a response
to an individual interested in cohousing and asking what data was available
in several different areas. It was added to the list to see if there had
been any studies done in the larger context of education and cohousing. It
was never intended to be seen as individual families or communities
submitting information. I agree with the sentiments expressed concerning
this question over the past few days and I am appreciative of the responses
and concerns raised.

The Cohousing Network needs your input so that we can better represent
cohousing across the country. Please contact me directly if you are
interested in volunteering, serving on a team, or getting involved in any
way. Again, many thanks, for your thoughtful responses.
Roy O'Shaughnessy
rlos [at]

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