Re: data infrastructure
From: Kay Argyle (
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:05:01 -0700 (MST)
> Be sure to mark the conduit and talk to the construction people.  Make
> it gets on all the official diagrams.  We had an idiot run a backhoe
> our southside main conduit, cutting not only all the data but also all the
> telephone lines for half the complex.

We didn't lose our telephone lines, when the contractor (twice) trenched
through the conduit a member had laid between each building for network
wiring -- despite his having talked to them and made sure they knew it was
there -- but that was because the telephone company was on strike, and it
was about nine months after we moved in before the telephone cables got
buried instead of snaking across the sidewalks :0 .


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