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From: Juva DuBoise (
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 09:13:12 -0600 (MDT)
In CoHo we provide NVC training for each member and associate member.  This
atleast provides and introduction to a skill set.  Those of us with more
skills, in what ever offer this information to those wanting to learn more.
Juva CoHo Corvallis, Oregon
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> Working cooperatively with a group requires a set of skills and attitudes.
> For a group to be successful using cooperative decision making, the skills
> have to be learned and practiced. Some people do not have a level of skill
> yet in order to be entirely successful and need extra training and
> work. So sometimes people who make things difficult are simply showing
> need for more cooperative skill training. How do they get this in your
> group? This is particularly difficult in forming groups which turn over
> membership regularly. Each new member has a different level of exposure
> skill in working cooperatively. It is to your groups advantage to make
> kind of baseline training handout in cooperative process. If its any help,
> there are some materials I created about consensus you are welcome to lift
> and modify. They can be found at.
> Rob Sandelin
> South Snohomish County at the headwaters of Ricci Creek
> Sky Valley Environments  <>
> Field skills training for student naturalists
> Floriferous [at]
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