Coho on PBS again! Right On The Money features Manzanita Village residents
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 15:24:01 -0600 (MDT)
Wow, Coho made PBS again!

"Right on the Money!", show #512, by Twin Cities Public TV
Show title: "Retiring on Less"
Original Air date: 4/5/03

View the coho segment interview transcript, featuring Manzanita Village 
(Prescott, AZ) residents Joan and Lou Burrell, at:

(hey, it looks like they actually do a good job of succinctly defining 
what it's about! [or at least what it isn't, which is half the struggle]):

>Co-housing takes many forms, but in essence the term describes a group of 
>people who deliberately come together to create an active, engaged 
>community. They govern themselves. They co-operatively own common property 
>and public spaces. And they're in charge of the structural development of 
>their community. They share a great deal, but this is no commune. 
>Lou: We do not put all our funds together. We do not eat all the same food 
>or have all the same religion or whatever. We are all different, and we 
>value everybody's individual difference. And that's -- I think that's a 
>big difference.
>Chris: Another big difference? Each family has their own home. Once a week 
>the village gathers for dinner. 

Interestingly, it is wrapped with commentary (spliced in) by Ralph 
Warner, Author and Publisher, Nolo Press... who was evicted by Berkeley 
coho when they were building there!

And, the main show page links to The Cohousing Network's site, and our 
communities list directly!

(sidebar on the right)

Station list at:

(see individual station websites to see when this episode will air; it's 
already run on many)

Copies of the video available for $14.95 from the Right on the Money! 

or call (888) MONEY79, ask for "Retiring on Less", episode 512.


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