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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 11:06:05 -0600 (MDT)
The remark below was meant to go to Juva only.
My apologies.

>A number of us have taken the training, but many in the
>group haven't - and I don't know that they are all inclined. I also have
>to say that there are a few tough nuts who
>don't seem to have benefitted a whole lot (that's of course, my

>>R - we provide the training for our own folks.  I am not an official
>>trainer, although have a lot of experience with NVC and doing trainings
>>but I don't know that this is necessary.  We actually wrote it into our
>>membership agreement that folks will have a consensus and communication
>>training  given to them through CoHo as part of the membership process.
>>There are NVC books that can help set up basic training and if you
>>contact the NVC folks you just might have someone in your area who would
>>do the training for low or no is worth asking! Juva - CoHo in
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>>> Juva wrote:
>>> >In CoHo we provide NVC training for each member and associate member.
>>> >This atleast provides and introduction to a skill set.  Those of us with
>>> >more skills, in what ever offer this information to those wanting to
>>> >learn more. Juva CoHo Corvallis, Oregon
>>> That's wonderful.  I don't think it resolves all problems, but it
>>> certainly a good starting point.  I wish there was a way of getting
>>> everyone in our community to take an introduction (at least) to NVC.  It
>>> could  help, perhaps, establish a certain vocabulary and shared
>>> understanding about how to resolve conflict (even as we all muddle through
>>> the  actual learning of how to do it)...
>>> R.
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