Durango, Colo. (near) cohousing home for sale
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Perhaps someone is interested in Cohousing in Colorado? Could you please 
pass this around, or post in your Common House or to your email chat 
group. Thanks very much.

Beautiful home for sale at Heartwood Cohousing, Bayfield (near Durango), 

This is an all natural, very lovely, 3 bedroom 1 3/4 bath, custom 
pumicecrete home. Approx. 1,830 SF of beautifully detailed, non-toxic 
construction, feng shui design, with many special features, including 
oak cabinets, granite countertops, wood stove, solar and in-floor 
radiant heating, stained glass, recessed eyeball lighting, aspen T&G 
ceilings, and master bathroom with shower and jacuzzi. House is totally 
accessible--all on ground level. Includes a screened porch, carport and 
storage area. Asking $429,900.

For information check out www.heartwoodcohousing.com, and contact Johann 
Robbins at 970-884-7577, email johannr [at] rmi.net.

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